When Is The Right Time To Consult An IVF Doctor?

I often wonder why people take pregnancy for granted. Especially, when they know that the problems of infertility issues have prominently shattered the dreams of many couples on this planet. Many couples have been suffering from the infertility issue who are not able to conceive their own. They require a medical intervention to conceive and deliver a baby. Although the treatment of infertility is abundantly available these days, yet you have to find out the best IVF doctor in Delhi to give you a thick chance of achieving success in IVF treatment.

Now the question that arises is – when to seek the help of an IVF doctor. Many people, as I have already mentioned, take pregnancy for granted, as if it is the most natural thing that can transpire at any point of time. So, when they could not get pregnant naturally despite having a well timed and unprotected sexual intercourse with their partner, they usually do not care so much and keep waiting for miracle to happen of its own. Of course, if there is an infertility issue, it is always recommended not to procrastinate and consult an IVF doctor as soon as possible.

The right time to consult an IVF doctor

There are several factors that determine whether you should consult an IVF specialist or not. These factors may include as below:

You are trying to conceive for a long-period, but didn’t thrive

Trying to conceive literally means having a regular intercourse with your partner without using any contraceptive or protection. As far as how long you should wait and see is concerned, it is about at least for the period one year or more. Usually, when nothing happen on its own till the period of one year, no matter how younger you are, you must see an IVF specialist and discuss the issue.

Women age

Age is the most crucial factor and basic criteria that decide when to look an IVF doctor. The woman who is more than 35 years of age, they should only wait for six month. If they could not conceive within six months, they should immediately seek a medical consultation.

Why women age factor is so crucial

The age of the women is the most decisive factor in conceiving. Whether you want to get pregnant naturally or using an IVF treatment, women age plays a vital role. So, they should not shy to fix an appointment with the IVF doctor in Delhi.  It is so because, after the age of 35, the chances of getting pregnant start diminishing quite rapidly. Moreover, the possibility of having a miscarriage also highly goes up. Thus, this is the matter, why women age is so crucial in determining the success of IVF treatment.

Male factor domination

It is also considerable that men are also responsible for infertility issue. It is called male factor infertility problem. They usually of sperm related issues such as low sperm count, poor sperm quality, sperm abnormality and so on. Couples should also readily consult IVF doctor, even if there is male infertility factor that is obstructing them to conceive.


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